Cachet Chair
by Steelcase

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Cachet Chair

by Steelcase
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$483.00 + Free Shipping
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    Product Overview

    Cachet Chair

    Tired of sitting in bulky office chairs that offer no support or comfort throughout the workday? Then look no further than the Steelcase Cachet Chair, which is strong, light and supportive. The Cachet Chair's sleek design makes it:

    • Adjustable.
    • Body conscious.
    • Comfortable.

    With the Cachet Chair's balanced action rocker technology, the piece can recline in response to your weight, ensuring ultimate comfort and ease while you work. With multiple sets of casters, the chair can be used both on carpet and hard floors, providing users with a high level of flexibility.


    An Official Steelcase Retailer

    Office Designs is a proud authorized Steelcase retailer. Every product is shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse and includes a warranty, so customers can have confidence that the furniture lives up to the brand's well-known standards.


    Warranty Information

    Every Steelcase product is held to an extremely high standard. To guarantee quality, the Cachet Chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Steelcase recognizes that all its products need to stand up to continuous use.


    Steelcase Cachet Chair Features

    Steelcase products are created to offer comfort with a unique design and stylish finish. The Cachet Chair is no different, providing a variety of features to assist people during their workday:

    Suspension System

    Comfort is key throughout the workday. The Cachet Chair offers a balanced-action suspension system, which provides support through automatic adjustments.

    Body weight absorption

    The Cachet Chair provides flexibility so every portion of the design absorbs your body weight and distributes it evenly for constant support. In addition, the piece has been weight-tested up to 300pounds without hindering performance.

    Adjustable arms

    Tired of unmovable chair arms getting in your way? The Cachet Chair's are adjustable, so you can lower them to suit your needs throughout the day.


    Heavy chairs can be a pain for you to lift and move frequently. The Cachet Chair comes fully assembled and weighs in at only 21 pounds due to its nylon tubular frame.


    About Steelcase

    Since opening in 1912, Steelcase has been dedicated to creating unique, modern and functional pieces for workspaces across the country. An innovator in the world of office furniture, the brand's first patent was for a fireproof wastebasket in 1914 - the first fire-resistant product of its kind. Steelcase has created pieces that are not only visually interesting, but health-focused and usable by organizations from small businesses to hospitals. The iconic furniture is not only elegant, but practical.



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall height: 32 1/8" - 37 1/8"
    • Overall depth: 25"
    • Seat height: 15.5" - 20.5"
    • Seat width: 16 3/8"
    • Seat-to-Back Angle: 94 - 107 degrees