Celle Chair
by Herman Miller

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Celle Chair

by Herman Miller
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$640.00 + Free Shipping
Designer Jerome Caruso set out to develop an intelligent, durable desk chair that could provide support for a wide range of people. His efforts resulted in Celle’s system of unique polymer cells and loops, engineered to respond to different areas of the body.
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    Product Overview

    Celle Chair

    A nurse's station that's staffed 24 hours a day. A conference area where hours-long meetings take place. These are the types of high-volume, high-use areas where the Celle Chair shines. With a patented cellular suspension back and pliable polymer seat, the Celle Office Chair is made to provide responsive support, no matter who is sitting in it. The chair, which won the GOOD DESIGN award in 2006 and the Best of NeoCon Innovation award in 2005, has an elegant and handsome aesthetic, completely unlike anything else in its class, along with such features as:

    • Cellular suspension back.
    • Passive PostureFit sacral support.
    • Harmonic tilt.

    No matter what your office chair needs are, Celle's high durability, eco-friendly design and sophisticated look make it the perfect choice.


    An Official Herman Miller Retailer

    Office Designs is an authorized Herman Miller retailer, which means all of our products come directly from the manufacturer's factory. We're proud to support Herman Miller and provide our customers with high-quality furniture that lives up to the brand's standards.


    Warranty Information

    All of our Herman Miller products, including the Celle chair, come with an official manufactures' warranty. When you order the Celle Chair from Office Designs, you'll receive a 12-year, 3-shift warranty that guarantees the product is made with the brand's high standards in mind.

    For more information, read Herman Miller's full warranty (PDF).


    Celle Chair Features

    The Celle's most unique feature is its cellular suspension back, but every part of its design is well-planned to provide a higher level of comfort than any other chair in its class. From top to bottom, the Celle is a workhorse for support and comfort, without giving up a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic that will fit in easily in any environment. Here are some of the Celle Chair's best features:

    Cellular Suspension Back

    Celle's designer Jerome Caruso invented and patented the cellular suspension back, which is made of hundreds of tiny "cells," each consisting of a pad and several spring-like loops that flex individually. This technology provides completely individualized support, no matter who is sitting in the chair or what position they're sitting in.

    Passive PostureFit Sacral Support

    Built into the suspension back is another patented feature: the Passive Posturefit sacral support. This tilts your hips forward a few degrees, allowing your spine to remain perfectly straight.

    Harmonic Tilt

    The Celle comes with the trademarked Harmonic tilt, giving it a balanced recline that keeps the sitter fully supported throughout the lumbar region as he or she leans back.

    Easy Adjustments

    From the seat height and depth to the tilt tension and arm height, the Celle is amazingly adjustable - you'll be able to customize the chair to meet your body's needs. The controls are easy to use and intuitive.

    Adjustable Lumbar Support (Optional)

    Looking for additional support? The Celle Chair comes with optional lumbar support that can be adjusted based on your body and sitting positions.

    Seat and Back Fabric Covers (Optional)

    The cellular suspension back provides a breathable and airy sitting experience, but if you're looking for a little more padding, you can opt for seat and back fabric covers. These come in a number of color options so you can find the perfect fit for your home or office.


    About Jerome Caruso

    Jerome Caruso is the first and leading designer for the brand Sub-Zero, where he's created state-of-the-art refrigerators for more than 20 years. When he partnered with Herman Miller for the Celle Chair, he dreamed of creating a chair that would intelligently and intuitively provide support to whoever sat in it. This led him to invent the Cellular Suspension technology that makes the Celle Chair so uniquely comfortable.

    Caruso's design history is extensive, ranging from refrigerators and office chairs to LCD electronics, other appliances and furniture.


    About Herman Miller

    Herman Miller is one of the leading furniture designers in the world. The brand opened in 1923, and since its inception, it has partnered with some of the most renowned designers ever, including Charles and Ray Eames, Jerome Caruso and Isamu Noguchi. The brand's objective? To create comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly products. And it has certainly succeeded.

    Herman Miller is currently partnered with many innovative designers, including Jeff Weber, Mark Goetz and the Studio 7.5 Design Team in Berlin. The brand, and the designers it partners with, are at the forefront of office furniture that's as utilitarian as it is visually artistic.



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall Height: 39.25" to 44"
    • Overall Width: 29.5"
    • Seat Height: 15.5" to 20"
    • Seat Depth: 27.5"