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Componibili Large Round White Stackable Modules by Kartell

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Componibili Large Round White Stackable Modules by Kartell

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Componibili Large Round White Stackable Modules
by Kartell
designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri

At A Glance:

The Componibili large round storage modules have been designed to meet various functional needs and slot into any home setting - in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The design feature that brings the Componibili modular system to life is the simple and robust vertical overlapping of the single pieces, which - by way of a simple joint - form practical movable containers. Offered in variably-sized round shapes, the Componibili modules can stand on small casters.

What's To Like:

  • Those of you with limited bathroom storage will feel this one: Componibili is a great place to keep all your essentials away from prying eyes.
  • Don't want to keep your stuff in that spot anymore? Move it! Optional casters make the trip easy.
  • Plastic doesn't chip, scratch, or wear away like paint does.

What's Not to Like:
You can likely get a less expensive storage system if you really want to. But will it look as good?

The Bottom Line:
Flexible, functional and practical, Componibili modules have been in production for more than thirty years and have received much recognition for their preeminent and innovative design. They are displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the George Pompidou Centre in Paris. Useful versatility, popular acceptance, critical acclaim - and that's the bottom line.

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Looking for a configuration not listed here? We can do that! Call our sales team at 888-467-6278 to customize.


  • Choose as many as you want - they're stackable
  • Choose casters or freestanding
  • Doors open and close for display or closed storage
  • Made in Italy

Componibili Configurations

Materials: ABS polymers 

Tall Round Base : 15.125" h x 16.5" diameter
Additional Tall Round Modules: 14" h x 16.5" diameter each

Short Round Base: 9.125" h x 16.5" diameter
Additional Short Round Modules: 8" h x 16.5" diameter each

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