Eames Executive Chair
by Herman Miller

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Eames Executive Chair

by Herman Miller
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$ $4,795.00 + Free Shipping

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames


When you sit in this chair, you’ll have the time of your life. This luxurious chair is an example of Charles Eames’s belief that “details are not details; they make the product.” Generously sized, the executive work chair features a lightweight aluminum frame and base, and finely detailed leather or fabric upholstery accented with covered buttons and edge details typical of traditional fine furniture.

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    Product Overview

    Eames Executive Chair

    What started as a favor from a friend turned out to be a piece of furniture that has only gotten better over time: the Eames Executive Chair. This luxurious and high-quality seat has all the features you want and need, making it the ideal chair for your office. It’s comfortable, with padded cushioning and an adjustable height and has intricate details like buttons and edge so it looks stylish in any space. The Eames Executive Office Chair has several features including:

    • A generous size but still lightweight with an aluminum base and frame.
    • Comfortable cushions for the back and seat.
    • Casters and tilt-swivel mechanism so you can move freely.

    Eames Executive Chair Features

    The Eames Executive Chair has many features, including:

    Expanded Material Options

    The Eames Executive Chair comes in a diverse assortment of upholstery fabrics, colors and prints, and is available with casters or glides.

    Superior Comfort

    This chair offers cushions that are 4.5-inch-thick foam; the back cushions are 3-inches thick with padded armrests. Plus, this chair is unusually wide at 26.5 inches, which means you have more room than you ever could have dreamed of.


    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall Height: 37" to 38.5"
    • Seat Height: 18.5" to 20"
    • Overall Width: 26.5"
    • Seat Depth: 19.5"


    Design Story


      In 1959, George Nelson was asked by the U.S. government to design the American pavilion at the National Exhibition in Moscow, the first cultural exchange program between the U.S.and U.S.S.R. since the Russian Revolution. The pavilion would showcase American manufactured products. Nelson asked the Eameses to produce a film, to be shown in the pavilion, that would depict a day in the life of the U.S.

      Charles Eames called his friend Henry Luce, the chair of Time-Life, to ask that he be allowed to use images from Time-Life’s vast archive. Luce agreed, but told Eames he would have to return the favor one day. The Eames film was called “Glimpses of the USA,” the first multiscreen slide show and a huge success.

      A year after the Moscow exhibition, Luce called to ask the Eames design team to design a chair for his new building. The Eameses responded with the Time-Life chair, which we have been producing since 1960.

      Making headlines

      In 1972, the executive chair made the news when notoriously fussy chess genius Bobby Fischer included this chair among his many demands for his legendary 1972 world championship match with Russian master Boris Spassky. When Spassky got a look at the chair, he demanded one for himself, and a second chair had to be shipped pronto to Iceland, where the match was being held.


      Charles and Ray Eames

      A chair that looked like a potato chip. Another that resembled a “well-used first baseman’s mitt.” A folding screen that rippled...

      With a grand sense of adventure, Charles and Ray Eames turned their curiosity and boundless enthusiasm into creations that established them as a truly great husband-and-wife design team. Their unique synergy led to a whole new look in furniture. Lean and modern. Playful and functional. Sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully simple. That was and is the “Eames look.”

      That look and their relationship with Herman Miller started with molded plywood chairs in the late 1940s and includes the world-renowned Eames lounge chair, now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

      Charles and Ray achieved their monumental success by approaching each project the same way: Does it interest and intrigue us? Can we make it better? Will we have “serious fun” doing it.

      They loved their work, which was a combination of art and science, design and architecture, process and product, style and function. “The details are not details,” said Charles. “They make the product.”

      A problem-solver who encouraged experimentation among his staff, Charles once said his dream was “to have people working on useless projects. These have the germ of new concepts.”

      Their own concepts evolved over time, not overnight. As Charles noted about the development of the Molded Plywood Chairs, “Yes, it was a flash of inspiration,” he said, “a kind of 30-year flash.”

      With these two, one thing always seemed to lead to another. Their revolutionary work in molded plywood led to their breakthrough work in molded fiberglass seating. A magazine contest led to their highly innovative “Case Study” house. Their love of photography led to film making, including a huge seven-screen presentation at the Moscow World’s Fair in 1959, in a dome designed by their friend and colleague, Buckminster Fuller.

      Graphic design led to showroom design, toy collecting to toy inventing. And a wooden plank contraption, rigged up by their friend, director Billy Wilder for taking naps, led to their acclaimed chaise design.

      A design critic once said that this extraordinary couple “just wanted to make the world a better place.” That they did. They also made it a lot more interesting.


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