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Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair by Herman Miller

Short Description:
With 2 inch thick foam pads and a curved aluminum frame the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair combines incredible comfort with strength and durability and of course the brilliance of Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair by Herman Miller

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Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair, Leather Upholstery

designed by Charles and Ray Eames

At A Glance:
The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is another example of Charles and Ray Eames combining form and function into one amazing chair. Like other pieces in the soft pad group, this Executive Chair has a sleek base and 2" thick seat pads that provide outstanding comfort. The lightweight aluminum frame sits on a 5-star base with a tilt-swivel mechanism, seat height adjustment and casters for enhanced mobility. This model of the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is available in a variety of leather upholstery options. The upholstery provides outstanding comfort and a sleek contrast of materials between metal and supple leather.

This executive chair was made especially for the office, whether it's a home office or in the workplace. Though it could be used effectively in the home, the look and feel of the chair make it clear that this is a serious chair, a work chair, a prestigious chair for any office - as Charles and Ray Eames intended. Featuring a taller back than others in the collection, with three back cushion segments, the chair is never overbearing or intimidating; that's not the way Charles and Ray Eames built their furniture. They didn't believe in exclusion of any kind when it came to design. They believed that all types of people should have access to great design in their homes and offices, and that idea drove them throughout their careers. The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is just one more example of design that looks amazing, feels great, and is definitely attainable.

Also available fabric upholstery. See the entire Eames Soft Pad Chair collection.

What's To Like:
The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is high backed and stately, but not dated or aged in any way. It looks as fresh and attractive today as it did when it first came off the line in 1969. It's funny; to get a contemporary office chair, one that's modern and cutting edge yet technologically advanced and ergonomic, you can go back four decades and get exactly what you want. The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair. This is a chair for the corner office the big desk, the important boardroom. While of course it can also be used in the regular office and the meeting room, the grandeur of the chair is best presented in equally prestigious environs. The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair has in its name its ultimate use; as the chair of the executive. The prestige of the chair and its rich, luxurious leather combines with the shine and newness of the polished aluminum to create a beguiling and undeniably gorgeous chair. It's perfect for the office.

The Bottom Line:
Wherever you use the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair, it's going to keep you comfortable and exude prestige. And that describes the perfect executive chair. It also meshes well with most design schemes; the materials fit well in nearly any environment. Always comfortable and always beautiful, this is a chair anyone can enjoy.


  • 2"-thick upholstered foam cushions
  • 5-star aluminum base, lightweight aluminum frame
  • 2" casters for carpet or hard floor mobility
  • Choose from Manual seat height adjustment or Pneumatic seat height adjustment with tilt lock
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs

Leather Options:

  • Stock Leather
    Chromium free and from Austria this stock Herman Miller leather is a winner for most. With a matte, soft feel this is the most popular leather used on Herman Miller upholstered items.
  • Open Line Leather
    Austrian by birth, yours by choice. Open Line leather is closest to the stock Herman Miller leathers but available in a wider array of colors.
  • MCL Leather
    Italian by birth, MCL has a soft hand and natural touch with great performance; and it's easy on the earth. It will show more wrinkles over time and wear well. Avoid high-wear applications that require high cleanability and those which expose the leather to direct sunlight. It has a medium grain and shine and is a nice upgrade from the standard leather for the price.

Caster Options:

  • 2" single wheel casters, hard floors or carpet
  • 2" chrome soft double wheel casters, hard floors or carpet
  • 2" black painted hard double wheel casters, carpet
  • 2" chrome hard double wheel casters, carpet

Seat Height Adjustment Options:

  • Manual seat height adjustment
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment with tilt lock

The Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: EA437, EA437P.


Manual Adjustment
Overall: 41.25" h x 23" w
Seat Height: 19.5-22.25"
Seat Depth: 15.5"
Max Arm Height: 27.5"

Pneumatic Adjustment
Overall: 41.75" h x 23" w
Seat Height: 20.25-22.25"
Seat Depth: 15.5"
Max Arm Height: 27.5"

Lightweight aluminum frame and 2"-thick upholstered foam cushions.

The executive chair is even more rigidly tied to the workplace then the management chair. It has a high back and more padding, making it both more impressive, prestigious-seeming and comfortable. Because the pads go all the way up the back and even to the neck and head, this is a chair meant almost exclusively for the working day. The name, again, says it all; this is a big chair, and it's meant for the big offices, the boardrooms and conference tables. It comes on rollers, like the management, and has all of it's functionality with little of it's ability to go into the home and look inconspicuous.

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