Embody Chair
by Herman Miller

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Embody Chair

by Herman Miller
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Herman Miller has developed the next generation of ergonomic comfort with the Embody Chair. Designed for employees who sit for long periods of time at work, this chair conforms to the body and distributes weight evenly, giving users balanced, flexible support. Change the way you work forever with a chair that represents unparalleled performance, comfort, and style.

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    No Arms
    Armless option allows for a greater freedom of movement.

    Fully Adjustable Arms
    Allows for a full range of motion for your arms. Arms can adjust vertically to variable heights and also horizontally, bringing them closer or farther from the chair seat. Arms will match the color of the frame. Armpads come in black.


    2.5-inch Standard Carpet Casters
    Designed for use on low-to-medium pile carpet, such as commercial or Berber, this 2.5-inch diameter caster has wheels of durable black nylon.

    2.5-inch Standard Hard Floor or Carpet Casters
    A versatile caster that can be used on hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, or carpeted floors. It is 2.5 inches in diameter and is made of durable black nylon with a soft tread. The soft tread gives the chair better traction and reduces noise on hard surfaces.

    2.5-inch Breaking Hard Floor or Carpet Casters
    A versatile caster that can be used on hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, or carpeted floors with breaking capabilities. It is 2.5 inches in diameter and is made of durable black nylon with a soft tread. The soft tread gives the chair better traction and reduces noise on hard surfaces.

    2.5-inch Translucent Hard Floor or Carpet Casters
    A versatile caster that can be used on hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, or carpeted floors. It is 2.5 inches in diameter and made of clear polycarbonate for distinctive appearance. The caster’s soft polyurethane tread gives the chair better traction and reduces noise on hard surfaces.

    Product Overview

    Embody Chair

    The Embody Chair by Herman Miller conforms to your body, giving you a feeling of comfort like you've never experienced with ordinary office furniture. Designed for employees who sit for long periods of time, this chair moves with you, providing continual support. Lean back and relax -- the Embody Chair represents the new generation of ergonomic style.

    A beautiful piece of functioning art, the Embody will also accommodate your home's decor: choose from 16 color options and 3 base finishes to match almost any room. Features include:

    • Breathable Rhythm or Balance polyester material
    • Fully Adjustable
    • 5-star Aluminum, Graphite,or Titanium base

    The health-positive Embody is the first chair to support both body and mind, and promote clarity and productivity.


    An Official Herman Miller Retailer

    We're an authorized Herman Miller retailer. This means we're official. We sell new factory-direct Embody chairs complete with Herman Miller's own 12-year warranty. You can purchase confidently from Office Designs knowing you'll be receiving genuine Herman Miller product.


    12-year Warranty

    Our Embody chairs come with a 12-year Herman Miller warranty.

    This warranty is a promise that Embody lives up to the highest standards in the industry. If for some reason the chair fails to live up to this standard, Herman Miller will ship and repair it at no cost to you.

    To learn more read the Herman Miller Warranty (PDF).


    Video: An Introduction to Embody


    About the Manufacturer: Herman Miller

    Founded in 1923 and recognized today throughout the world as an innovator in office and residential furniture design, Herman Miller has been ranked since 1986 among the top ten in Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the 500 most admired companies. Their pioneering research into producing environmentally responsible furniture has earned them GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification for most of their products. Aesthetically, many of Herman Miller’s iconic designs, particularly from the 1940s and 1950s, are valuable collector’s items and on permanent display in museums such as the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Smithsonian Institution.

    In 1933, new furniture designs created by Herman Miller designer Gilbert Rohde exhibiting the smooth lines and unembellished shapes of the emerging mid-century modern furniture style were exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair. In 1944, Rohde’s successor George Nelson designed such enduring icons as the Platform bench, and was famously responsible for teaming the company with such influential design artists as Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi and Charles and Ray Eames. Charles Eames, widely regarded as a genius in contemporary furniture design, produced one of Herman Miller’s most successful products in 1956, the elegant Eames Lounge chair. In 1994, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf introduced a new office chair called Aeron (derived from the word aeration, which describes how the mesh suspension promotes comfort), which became an immediate worldwide success and earned a spot in the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as well. Today, Herman Miller continues to attract world-famous designers like Jeff Weber, Jerome Caruso, the Studio 7.5 Design Team in Berlin, Yves Béhar, Mark Goetz and many more.

    If the purpose of design is to solve problems, and the relationship between design and business is synergistic, then Herman Miller today continues to be in the vanguard of design as a fundamental part of strategic planning.


    How to Adjust Your Embody
    Embody Adjustment Guide (PDF)



    Box size is 27" x 28" x 25" and the chair does come partially disassembled. You will need to assemble the back portion of the chair.


    Dimensions & Measurements

    Herman Miller Embody Chair Dimensions

    • Overall Width: 29.5”
    • Back Height: 42” to 45”
    • Seat Width: 21.25”
    • Seat Height: 16” to 20.5”
    • Seat Depth: 15” to 18”

    Shipping Information

    Visit our Shipping and Delivery page to learn more.

    • Packaging Dimensions: 40.5” x 28” x 28.5”
    • Package Weight: 63 lbs
    • Light Assembly Required: Yes. Seat back needs to be attached to base.

      Video: How to Adjust Your Embody


    Product Options

      Embody Chair Features

      Herman Miller Embody Chair

      The goal for the Herman Miller Embody task chair was total ergonomic comfort — it was designed to be the world's first health-positive chair. With its revolutionary flexible spine and support system, the dynamic chair back is able to bend and lean with you like no other chair, while every area of your back is comfortably supported.

      Available in a wide range of fabrics, frames and base finishes. Options include an armless model for an even greater range of motion.

      Pixelated Support™ technology
      Inspired by the form and function of the human spine, the chair back automatically conforms to your body's micro-movements, distributing your weight evenly.

      Cool, airy fabrics
      Embody uses breathable, translucent fabrics over resilient 4-layer mesh spacer and knit constructions, the kind used in sneakers, to cushion the sitter.

      Tilt with Zoned Support
      The Embody Tilt provides three zones of support that introduce a new model of kinematics that stabilizes the pelvis and supports the upper back without pressure on the thighs. This technology supports the spine through a wide range of work postures.

      Pneumatic Lift
      The seat height adjustment uses compressed air to raise or lower the seat height.

      Adjustable Arms
      The arms are easily adjustable by 6 inches horizontally or vertically.

      Tilt Tension adjustment
      Allows the user to control the resistance felt when leaning back in the chair.

      Tilt Limiter (Optional)
      The user can control and limit the tilt range.

      4 Caster choices (Optional)
      Standard Carpet, Deep Carpet, Translucent casters, Hard Floor casters.


    Design Story

      About the Designers: Jeff Weber & Bill Stumpf

      “I don’t dwell too much in the what is. I spend much more of my time thinking about what isn’t.”
      — Bill Stumpf 1936-2006

      “We did not begin by attempting to design a chair; instead we went back to school, to get a better understanding of how people were working.” — Jeff Weber

      Herman Miller designers Jeff Weber and the late Bill Stumpf had an idea: what if a chair could be designed that went beyond merely minimizing the negative effects of sitting? What if a chair could be designed to positively impact your life so you could live and work better? Ergonomic research had demonstrated that our bodies and minds work best when they’re in motion because oxygen and blood flow more freely. What was needed was a new office chair that would build upon the ergonomic success of the Aeron and Mirra chairs, but would also literally offer support for your every movement.

      The Embody chair was designed first and foremost to move with you while maintaining ergonomic support. Weber and Stumpf theorized that rather than having to make large, sudden readjustments in your chair to relieve stress, the sitter could make more and smaller natural movements as frequently as needed, leading to an overall freedom from discomfort.

      “The exoskeletal form of Embody was inspired by the human spine, so we thought, why not make the chair’s covering behave like skin?” — Materials designer Susan Lyons

      The breakthrough design of the Embody represents the rematerialization of the work chair, offering a synthesis of the finest of foam and mesh technologies, and is a showcase for Weber and Stumpf’s overall goals of providing health-positive comfort to the users of their chairs.


    Care & Maintenance

      Care & Maintenance
      How to care for your Embody chair (PDF)

      Base, Frame, and Arms
      Normal Cleaning

      Wash surface with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water.

      Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

      Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners.

      Balance and Rhythm Fabrics
      Normal Cleaning

      Vacuum fabric as needed using an upholstery attachment

      Vacuuming picks up dust and reduces the need for professional cleaning.

      Do not brush fabric or use a vacuum attachment with a rotary brush.

      Brushing may permanently damage the nap or change the character of the fabric.

      Spot Cleaning

      Immediately soak up the stain with a soft absorbent cloth.

      Do not dry the stain completely or it may set. The longer a stain is allowed to remain on a fabric, the more difficult it is to remove.

      Water-based Stains such as coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, or milk

      Use a water-based cleaner (specifically made for cleaning fabric) or a solution of mild (alkaline) warm soapy water (not overly soapy) applied with a damp clean cloth or sponge.

      Work the cleaner into a lather or foam.

      Soak up all remaining solution and then use a clean cloth or sponge dipped in cool water to remove any residue.

      Never use hot water; it will set the stain.

      Avoid scrubbing.

      Oil-based Stains such as lipstick, grease, or salad dressing

      Use a dry cleaning solution applied with a damp clean cloth or sponge.

      Test the cleaning solution on a small, concealed area first.

      If there is no spotting, ringing, or damage to the fabric or its dyes, apply the cleaning solution to the soiled area with light, quick strokes.

      Begin at the outside of the stain and work toward the center, being careful not to oversaturate the fabric.

      K2R is also a product that can be used. See product label for complete instructions.

      Do not over apply water or any liquid solution to fabric. Excessive wetting of the fabric with any liquid solution may result in permanent damage to the material.

      Do not rub too vigorously or you may damage the nap of the fabric or break fibers.

      Several light applications are better than one heavy application.

      Soak up all remaining solution and then use another clean cloth or sponge dipped in cool water to remove any residue.

      Let fabric dry thoroughly and then vacuum well before using.

      If the stain resists cleaning, contact a professional cleaner.

      Large Areas

      If large areas are soiled, contact a professional cleaning firm.