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EYHOV Workstation Desk by Scale 1:1

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The EYHOV workstation is the perfect desking solution for any size office or workspace. Endless configurations and additions allow EYHOV to grow along with your business.
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EYHOV Workstation Desk by Scale 1:1

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EYHOV Workstation Desk
by Scale 1:1

The flexible EYHOV by Scale 1:1 is the perfect bench desking solution for any size office or workspace. Create anything from a functional home office to an entire workspace. Or build as you go with each component fitting seamlessly with the next, allowing for endless ideas and flexibility.

The EYHOV Desk System is made up of two basic building blocks: EYHOV Single and EYHOV Double. By joining these units with a few other elements and accessories, you can create an endless range of workstation solutions to meet the needs of any environment.

One of the defining characteristics of the EYHOV Desk System is the multi-purpose Accessory Rail. The rail configuration allows for customization and tailoring to suit the task, as well as easy reconfiguration when necessary.

Select from one of our pre-configured options above or contact our award winning sales team to build out your custom EYHOV office solution. Select from dozens of base finishes, laminates, screening, and power options. EYHOV offers almost an unlimited number of configurations for any office or budget. Let us build yours today!

Our pre-configured options include:

  • Select from single, double, side-by-side, or quad workstations
  • Durable 48" x 36" laminate tops with three edgeband options
  • Expandle and configurable for continued customization
  • The unique Accessory Rail built into EYHOV Desk System makes it easy to add features such as LED task lighting from Pablo designs, letter and file boxes, privacy panels, integrated power, and discreet cable access panels.


  • EYHOV Single workstations with Accessory Rail. Ideal as a stand alone desk, or for perimeter desking setups where it is configured in multiple linear runs. Connect to angles to create L or U shaped team spaces.
  • The EYHOV Double is a two-sided workstation with a common Accessory Rail along the center. Suited for optimizing space while encouraging collaboration, EYHOV can be expanded in linear runs and configured with returns and privacy panels - creating the ideal workspace.



Looking for something more custom? Our sales team is here to help. Chat or call today!

  • With numerous laminate selections to choose from, it’s easy to get the exact look you want
  • By joining additional elements and accessories, you can create an endless range of workstation solutions
  • Select from privacy panels, power adapters, task lighting, and letter and file boxes


EYHOV Rail Single: 48" W x 36" D

EYHOV Rail Duo: 96" W x 36" D

EYHOV Double Desk: 48" W x 63" D

EYHOV Rail Quad: 96" W x 63" D

Assembly is required.

Scale 1:1 aims to inspire creativity through ergonomic design and playful functionality. EYHOV workstations stimulate the flow of ideas in an open yet personalized work environment.

EYHOV Desk Systems can grow as you grow. Every component can be fitted and re-fitted to form new configurations and arrangements that adapt to your needs. Components are made to allow easy re-configuration without special tools. Break-down and rebuild an entire office quickly and easily.



EYHOV is Built to Last

The welded steel frame components feature precision fit and can be easily assembled and disassembled for reconfiguration or relocation. No special tools required.

Frame and Legs

Steel frame powder coated in a high durability white finish. Integrated height levelers.

EYHOV hard-wearing laminate tops resist staining and scuffing for years of low-maintenance service. Tops are made from 1" melamine and feature a durable 2mm edge banding. In white, white gloss, maple, Brasil Wood, and Sandcastle finish.


Exclusive Warranty: SCALE 1:1 only warrants that the goods shall be free from defects in labor or material for a period of ten (10) years; two (2) years in the case of glides, casters, locks, pneumatic cylinders, electric motors, actuators, and drawer slides; one (1) year in the case of lighting. Warranty starts from the date of shipment. As long as the original end user owns it; this warranty is not transferable. This warranty excludes misuse, abuse, and ordinary wear and tear (including laminate self--edge chipping or peeling). This is SCALE 1:1’s sole and exclusive warranty, and Buyer waives all others. SCALE 1:1’s warranty in this Agreement shall not apply to damage caused under the following circumstances: (a) damage caused during shipping (this will be handled under separate terms); (b) modifications or attachments to the product that are not Scale 1:1 approved; (c) products that were not installed, used or maintained in accordance with product instructions of Scale 1:1; (d) products used for rental purpose; or (e) damage caused by misapplication of cleaning product.

Disclaimer of Responsibility: SCALE 1:1 unconditionally refuses warranties implied for sales purpose, including but not limited to any warranties for a specific purpose of sale, or warranties based on verbal SCALE 1:1’s personnel or independent sales representatives or agents, drawings, models, samples, promotional brochures, specifications cards and any literature whether in print, displayed on the internet or in any other format or media does not constitute Scale 1:1 warranty, revoke or waive the Exclusive Warranty herein defined.

Limitation of Liability: SCALE 1:1’s maximum cumulative liability to Buyer does not exceed the purchase price of the goods claimed defective. In no circumstance shall SCALE 1:1 be liable for any direct, incidental, special or consequential damages of any type or kind, including but not limited to lost of profits, lost of business, opportunities or lost of goodwill, relating to the goods sold hereunder, their installation or otherwise, even if SCALE 1:1 has been advised of possibility of such damages (Buyer has the free will to make decisions independent of SCALE 1:1’s advise).