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Karman Chair by Steelcase

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Go beyond stale grey mesh office chairs and step up to Karman by Steelcase. A fully ergonomic task chair that provides all day comfort!
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Karman Chair by Steelcase

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Karman Ergonomic Task Chair by Steelcase®

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Steelcase presents a chair designed for twenty-first century. With only one manual adjustment, Steelcase Karman intuitively responds to the many ways you sit. A one of a kind seat provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit. Lean back or sit sideways. An ultra-light, flexing frame eliminates stiff edges and painful pressure points so you can sit any way you want.

Karman is not all great looks and suburb comfort. It's also designed with the planet in mind. Steelcase Karman uses sustainable materials and the least number of components necessary. It weighs only 29 pounds, yet is incredibly strong. By using minimal resources Steelcase Karman reduces its impact on the earth delivering a holistic approach to sustainability while supporting our carbon commitments.


  • Organic Movement - A weight-activated mechanism responds automatically to your body as you sit and change postures in every direction.
  • Patented Hybrid Seat - The suspension seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit.
  • Comfort Edge - The streamlined frame flexes to eliminate hard edges and pressure points on your legs and body.
  • Comfort Dial - The comfort dial supports four recline positions, letting you dial in the right level of resistance against your back as you recline.
  • 4D Arm - Optional fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out shift in all directions.
  • LiveBack - LiveBack technology balances body weight, supporting your back and spine while providing responsive, personalized comfort and fit.
  • Lumbar Support - Optional lumbar support allows you to customize the support for your lumbar region,

With a proprietary performance textile and impossibly light frame, Steelcase Karman goes beyond leading mesh office chairs to provide effortless comfort.

  • Patented hybrid seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit and comfort edges around the seat and back makes Karman a great choice for any user – alleviating pressure points caused by hard edges found on other mesh chairs
  • Steelcase's proprietary performance textile – Intermix – integrates seamlessly with Karman’s patented hybrid seat, built with a hidden level of additional cushioning
  • Intuitive for anyone, the organic tilt and singular tension adjustment let users find their comfort zone quicker—and stay there longer
  • With industry-leading color range Karman opens a whole world of possibilities—residential to modern, contemporary to color-shifting, professional to provocative
  • Perhaps our greatest expression of weight-activation – everything about Karman moves with you to keep you perfectly balanced and supported as you change postures throughout your day. The weight-activated mechanism automatically responds to your body weight when you sit to provide the right amount of back tension as you recline
  • Not everyone is built the same, so Steelcase added a comfort dial with a “boost” tension setting offering 20% additional resistance for individuals who need it, a mid-back stop, and an upright lock

Materials: Plastic, Metal, Mesh


Overall Height 39.125"-43.5""
Overall Width 26.125"
Overall Depth 26.125
Seat Height from Floor 15.875″ to 20.375″
Weight Limit 350 lbs
Weight 29 lbs


Warranty:  The Steelcase Limited Consumer Warranty applies only to products purchased directly from a Steelcase Authorized Retailer by purchasers located in the United States or Canada. If a product is defective in materials or workmanship, Steelcase can choose to repair or replace the affected product at no charge. A refund of the purchase price of the affected product may be made if repair or replacement is not commercially feasible or cannot be completed in a reasonable time frame. Steelcase Warranty

Care:  To clean Intermix textile of the Karman chair, use a mild detergent shampoo, foam, or dry cleaning solvents. Do not saturate with liquids or use bleach.

For over a century, Steelcase has designed, manufactured and partnered with the world’s leading organizations to create an expansive range of furnishings and solutions for all the places where work happens — including learning, health and working from home. Work, at its best, is the wonder of what human beings can make possible. Steelcase helps people do their best work by creating places that work better.

Unlike traditional mesh, the versatility in the Intermix proprietary weaving process results in a platform for diversity and expression. Intermix offers an industry-leading color range that allows Steelcase Karman to fit a wide range of spaces.

The unique weaving process results variations of Intermix: 

  • Intermix is classic and translucent with a more traditional mesh look and feel. 
  • Intermix Opaque is luxurious and residential with the hand-feel of upholstery. To achieve this residential look Steelcase Karman was created with a single layer of mesh with additional filaments.

4-Way Arms are height adjustable, but also width, pivot, and depth giving you more ways to dial in your comfort.

Carpet Casters are made of hard plastic and work well on low to medium pile carpet.

Hard Floor Casters are softer with a polyurethane tread which protects hard floors.