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The Overview

Project Type
Office Refresh

Project Details
The Office Designs and Keyword First relationship pre-dates our collaboration on the project featured here. As Office Designs’ digital search engine optimization (SEO) agency for the last three years, Keyword First has been instrumental in the growth of our business.

When it was Office Designs’ turn to assist Keyword First with their interiors, it was not only an opportunity to work with one of the top digital agencies, but also a chance to show our appreciation (through our design) for the great partnership.

Our team focused on creating an open office and conference space with the flexibility to support various work tasks yet uniform and approachable in its design.

Project Breakdown

  • 14 Cubicle Workstations
  • Formal Conference Room
  • Media Viewing Area
  • Billiards Area

The Team
Michael Isaac Principal Interior Designer | Office Designs
Samantha Marconi Space Planner | Office Designs
Amanda Mastenbrook Art Direction + Styling | Office Designs

The Solution

Keyword First specifically requested that we include their distinctive orange logo in the space. This needed to be done without overwhelming the work area. To achieve this, we chose a neutral palette to punctuate the look with their logo’s hue which we introduced on key pieces and accessories.

The space planning had a methodology to placement as well. We reserved the exterior wall of the open office area specifically for common use. By placing the billiard table, lounge furniture, and television monitor near the windows, it created the opportunity for all team members to enjoy the natural light and exterior views while away from their individual work spaces. This provided equal opportunity for employees to recharge with a change of scenery while removing the stigma of specific employee work area hierarchy marked by window placement.

The conference room was set apart from the work area by selecting neutral finishes for the pieces in the space with natural accents. The view of the campus grounds outside the windows needed to be the focus. Our approach with the finishes and materials allowed the outside view into the space without saturated hues competing with it.

As the room plays host to a wide array of clients, limiting the pieces to “neutral and natural” also lent a calming effect to the space, making it easier for employees to focus upon the task at hand.

While Keyword First has not been one of our largest projects, it has been one of the most satisfying for the Office Designs team. Helping those who have so significantly helped us grow our business through the years has been a truly rewarding experience!

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Keyword First is an independent paid search agency lead by founding partners with nearly 20 years each in the industry. They have since grown their organization to focus on SEM, SEO, mobile, social media, analytics and web content. Leveraging this data against innovation and best practices, they achieve an end result that consistently presents the right message to the right person at the right time.

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