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Leap Chair by Steelcase

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The Steelcase Leap Chair makes working at your desk comfortable. The Leap Chair actually encourages you to move as you sit, ultimately keeping you healthier and more productive as you work.
Authorized Steelcase Retailer 12 Year Warranty Optional Headrest

Leap Chair by Steelcase

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Leap Chair by Steelcase

Designed by Steelcase Design Studio & IDEO

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The Leap Chair by Steelcase is a revolutionary piece of furniture designed to address the issue of prolonged sitting and the negative impact it can have on our health. The chair is all about making movement comfortable and even essential, as it enables the user to move freely and effortlessly throughout the day. The chair's design is based on the concept of "LiveBack", which means that the backrest of the chair adapts to the movements of the user's spine, providing support and comfort in all positions. This feature ensures that the user's spine is always in a neutral and healthy position, reducing the risk of back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

In addition to the LiveBack feature, the Leap Chair also has an adjustable seat that moves forward or backward to accommodate different leg lengths and a flexible backrest that supports a range of postures, including leaning forward and reclining. The Leap Chair is also designed to promote better circulation by reducing pressure points and allowing the user to shift their weight and change positions frequently. This encourages better blood flow and can help prevent fatigue and discomfort. Overall, the Leap Chair is an excellent investment for anyone who spends a significant amount of time sitting. Its ergonomic design and adjustable features make it a comfortable and healthy option for both home and office use.


  • Height Adjustable or 4-Way Fully Adjustable Arms
  • Separate upper and lower back controls can be adjusted to provide full support to any user
  • Dynamic seat takes the pressure off the lumbar vertebrae when reclining
  • Flexable Seat Edge Design
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials 
  • Flexble backrest ensures that the back is always fully supported
  • Leather option available
  • Leap Stool available
  • Tall option available

Video: How to Adjust Your Leap Chair

Overall Depth 21.75" - 24.75" Seat pan angle -1 - 3 degrees
Overall Width 20" Recline Angle 98 - 125 degrees
Overall Height 38" Arm Height 7" to 11"
Seat Height 15.5" to 20.5" Arm Width 13" to 20"
Seat Depth Adjustment 15.75" - 18.75" Overall  38" h x 20" w x 19" d (without headrest)
Seat-to back angle 96 - 120 degrees Weight Capacity 400 lbs



Steelcase belives in creating products that are good for people, and good for the world! All products are designed to reduce climate change and reinforce sustainable practices across the earth. Steelcase has made a commitment to:

  • Source materials responsibly
  • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
  • Ensure material health
  • Enable end-of-use strategies


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The Leap Chair is informed at every juncture by ergonomic ideas and research. The edge of the seat flexes to make your thighs more comfortable, eliminating numbness and improving circulation. That, in turn, leads to increased focus and productivity. Leap also comes with the pioneering Live Back, a system in the back of the chair that takes the pressure off your spine and keeps you comfortable even in the worst posture. If you want even more support, Lower Back Firmness can be increased or decreased by using the designated knob on the side of the chair. Thermal Comfort keeps your temperature even in all climes, allowing air to pass freely (dispersing heat and moisture) while at the same time providing a barrier to cold. No more getting up and down or unnecessary sweating at work. All of these adjustments and features combine into an impressive whole.

Just as important as the customization Smart Furniture offers our customers is the range of adjustments the Leap Chair offers its users. Without a wide range of adjustments, which most office chairs lack, a chair can never truly become your own; it can never fit your body perfectly, to your exact specifications. Steelcase has taken great pains to make sure that the Leap Chair is accommodating in all respects. Leap is infinitely adjustable, so every owner becomes one of the designers and engineers as soon as the Leap chair comes into his home or office. You can adjust seat depth, the armrests, the incline and recline, firmness and give. And it's all predicated on a series of scientific experiments conducted by the makers of the Leap Chair to see how people sit, paired with the latest in ergonomic technology. The Steelcase Leap experiments observed the way people held themselves, how they leaned, how they changed positions over time. They then took all that information and put it to work in one of the smartest, most inventive chairs of the decade, the Leap Chair.

You won't sit in a chair that's better prepared, better researched, or better planned and designed just for you. Smart Furniture is proud to offer the latest in great design and great ergonomic science from Steelcase.

Steelcase leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential. Our comprehensive portfolio is anchored by three core brands: Steelcase, Coalesse and Turnstone. Together with our partners, we design spaces to help people work, learn and heal. Protecting the environment is in our DNA, we drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through our decisions and actions. At Steelcase, we don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best - for people and for the planet.

Smart Furniture is a authorized Steelcase retailer! This means we're official. At Smart Furniture, we sell new factory-direct items complete with Steelcase's own warranty. You can purchase confidently from Smart Furniture knowing you'll be receiving genuine Steelcase product.

Care Instructions

Plastic and painted parts: Clean using household cleaner (Fantastik or 409) and wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

Fabric: Use a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Do not steam clean. Most stains can be removed by applying a mild soap to a slightly damp cloth, then rubbing it gently over the stain. Wipe dry.

Steelcase Warranty

Global Products Warranty
Americas Limited Lifetime Warranty

Use the Global Products Warranty when you purchase select products for install around the world where the same warranty is required, regardless of location. Refer to the Global Products Warranty for a list of global products. Products that are not included in the Global Products Warranty are considered regional products and will continue to be covered under existing Americas Limited Lifetime Warranty. Surface materials will continue to be covered in the regional warranties.

Upholstery options include Era fabric, and Cogent Connect fabric.

Era is a subtle, two tone polyester fabric containing stretch in both directions for ease of upholstery. The baby herringbone weave offers an understated contemporary texture while its coloring technique provides close up intrigue. The palette incorporates playful brights and sophisticated muted tones.

Cogent Connect Fun, modern colors. It has an even hole pattern and is very smooth and durable. Softer and more breathable than Era.

Era and Cogent Connect are all made from 100% antimony-free polyester, and are rated at 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek Test. We suggest googling “Wyzenbeek Test” if you’re not sure what it that is, but it’s basically a machine-driven test that measures the durability of fabrics.

Carpet Casters are made of hard plastic, and work well on carpet.

Hard Floor Casters are softer, with a polyurethane tread, which gives better traction on hard surfaces without the rolling noise of the harder casters