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Leap Chair - In Stock

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Adjustable in every way, Leap is the chair of choice for people who seek optimal, personalized support.
In Stock - Ships Today! 12 Year Warranty

Leap Chair - In Stock

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Leap Chair by Steelcase

Select from four Leap - Ready to Ship chairs in Buzz 2 or Cogent Connect fabrics. All four feature fully adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar, and Natural Glide System™ technology. Leap has been weight tested up to 300 lbs. with no loss of performance.

Don't see what you're looking for? Design your perfect Leap  here.


  • The Steelcase Leap backrest boasts integrated LiveBack™ technology. Interdependent flexors bend and move with the user to support the spine throughout the day
  • Natural Glide System™ technology enables you to comfortably recline while keeping your body aligned with your work so as not to strain your eyes, neck, or arms
  • Height-adjustable lumbar (optional) enables you to custom fit lumbar support 4.5" adjustment range
  • 4-way adjustable arms move in height, width, depth and pivot
  • Seat depth adjusts within a 2 1 /4" range to accommodate users of varying leg lengths.
  • Casters have hard, dualwheels that roll smoothly on carpets. They are 2 1⁄2" for increased mobility
  • Seat depth adjusts within a 3" range to accommodate users of varying leg lengths
  • Steelcase Leap's intuitive adjustments fit a broad range of users, making it easy to use
  • Optional headrest accessory supports the head and neck of the user in both upright and recline postures.
  • Some assembly required. Assembly does not require tools. 

Select from Buzz 2 or Cogent Connect upholstery.

  • Buzz 2 is a tightly-knit polyester fabric. Extremely durable, this fabric will last the long haul. It has a raised dimple pattern and is textured with a coarser finish.
  • Cogent Connect has an even hole pattern and is very smooth and durable. Softer and more breathable than Buzz 2.

Steelcase Leap is adjustable in every way making it the chair of choice for people who seek optimal, personalized support. 

A Range of Options

Steelcase Leap1 offers color options, and a wide range of shell and finish options. If you would like to design your perfect Leap, please vist our customizable page here or give us a call.

Dimensions & Measurements

  • Overall Height: 38.5" to 43.5"
  • Overall Depth: 21.75" to 24.75"
  • Overall Width: 27”
  • Seat Depth: 15.75" to 18.75"
  • Functional Seat Depth: 15 3/4″ to 18 3/4″
  • Seat Width: 19 1/4″
  • Back Width: 18”
  • Back Height from Seat: 25”

Shipping Information

  • Packaging Dimensions: 41 1/2″ H x 29″ D x 29″ W
  • Package Weight: 66 lbs



We're an authorized Steelcase retailer. This means we're official. We sell new factory-direct items complete with Steelcase's own warranty. You can purchase confidently from Office Designs knowing you'll be receiving genuine Steelcase product.


Steelcase leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential.

Our comprehensive portfolio is anchored by three core brands: Steelcase, Coalesse and Turnstone. Together with our partners, we design spaces to help people work, learn and heal.

And because protecting the environment is in our DNA, we drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through our decisions and actions. At Steelcase, we don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best - for people and for the planet.

Established in 1912 as the Metal Office Furniture Company, our first patent for a metal wastebasket meant safety for office workers. In crowded cities where fires spread quickly, replacing wicker with steel was a lifesaving innovation.

Founders Peter M. Wege, Walter D. Idema and David D. Hunting built the business in Grand Rapids, Michigan - a city then known as “The Furniture City” because of its many wood furniture manufacturers.

By 1919 the company began to establish its dealer network, making desks, cabinets and other products available nationwide. Officially known as Steelcase Inc. beginning in 1954, the company grew globally and executed the largest single shipment in the industry in 1973, providing over 400 truckloads of furniture for Chicago’s Sears Tower. Steelcase became publicly traded in 1998.

We’ve been looking forward since the beginning. From our early years to 21st-century breakthroughs, Steelcase turns insights into innovations and pushes limits to transform and reimagine the workplace.

Steelcase Warranty

Global Products Warranty. Use the Global Products Warranty when you purchase select products for install around the world where the same warranty is required, regardless of location. Refer to the Global Products Warranty for a list of global products. Products that are not included in the Global Products Warranty are considered regional products and will continue to be covered under existing Americas Limited Lifetime Warranty. Surface materials will continue to be covered in the regional warranties. Americas Limited Lifetime Warranty

Care Instructions

  • Basic maintenance should be done on chair upholstery, finishes, controls, base, and other moving parts once a year. More frequently with heavy use.
Removing fabric upholstery stains or heavy soil:
    • Soak up excess any stain with a cloth. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set.
    • For most water-borne stains (coffee, fruit juice, washable ink), use an upholstery cleaning solution and follow package directions.
    • For oil-borne stains, use a dry-cleaning solution at room temperature (never hot) and allow solution to work into stain. Using quick, light strokes, brush stain with a soft bristle brush. Work from outside toward the center to prevent rings. Avoid vigorous rubbing which may damage the nap or force the stain more deeply into the material. Soak up remaining dry-cleaning solution and sponge the fabric with cool water.
    • Allow fabric to dry completely, then vacuum thoroughly. If stain is still evident, repeat procedure. Several light applications of cleaning solution are more effective/less damaging than one heavy application.