Rivet Chair Mat
by The Smarter Office

$ $49.00 + Free Shipping

Rivet Chair Mat

by The Smarter Office
$ $49.00 + Free Shipping
Protect your flooring surfaces and define your workspace with this durable 36" x 48" chair mat.

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Rivet Chair Mat

As you begin setting up your home office, remember that the removal of obstacles that create frustration, is the secret to maximizing your productivity. Every detail and every product created by the Smarter Office was developed to put you in the best position to do your very best work. The Rivet Chair Mat is no exception. If your home office space happens to be carpeted, then you probably already know that your chairs castors can definitely be a point of frustration. The solution is simple, all you need is a durable chair mat. Protect your carpet and your chair castors with the Rivet Chair Mat.


  • Smooth, non-studded bottom easily repositions on any surface
  • Lipped shape slides between file pedestals for a perfect workstation fit

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Overall Dimensions: 48" H x 36" W x 0.094" D
Product Weight: 8.2 lbs.