Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table
by Herman Miller


Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table

by Herman Miller
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Everywhere Tables with their flip-top surfaces let you react to any activity level, using it as a table when you need one, folding it out of the way when you don’t. Available in three widths and 24” deep, they fold down for storing, fold up in seconds. Casters add to their mobility.

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Product Overview

Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table

When it comes to versatility, nothing tops the The Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table. Available in a natural maple or white finish with metallic silver leg finish, this surface is designed with usability in mind. It can work as a conference table, desk, and more, making it the ideal surface to fit your office space on a moment's notice when you need it.

Herman Miller Everywhere Table - Flip-Top Rectangular Features:

  • Locking caster wheels that make it easy to roll or stand still.
  • A build that can fold down or up in seconds for easy storage.
  • An optional electrical distributor add on for power.


An Official Herman Miller Retailer

Office Designs was one of the first companies to sell Herman Miller products online and is now the brand's largest retailer. All of our products, including the Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table, come directly from the Herman Miller factory, which means they've been made to fit the brand's high standards.


Warranty Information

The Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table comes with an official 12-year, three-shift manufacturer's warranty. For more information, read Herman Miller Warranty (PDF).


Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table

The Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table has many features, including:


The Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table is made with hardware that can adapt to various activity levels. It can be rearranged easily, going from a desktop to a casual dining surface in minutes. It offers boundless flexibility for your corporate office space.

Nearly Limitless Choices

Like it's hardware, the Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table's style isn't one size fits all. You can choose from a variety of top shapes and sizes, base styles and heights, and mobility options.This allows for extreme customization, making sure your table is just right for your space.


When it comes to office work, we know the pressure is on. That's why the Everywhere Flip-Top Rectangular Table is made to hold all your heavy items, from books to laptops to supplies. Whatever you stack on it, this table will hold steady.


About Herman Miller

Herman Miller is one of the leading and most-respected furniture designers in the world. Ever since the brand was founded in 1923 it has partnered with some of the most renowned designers in the world, including the inventor of the Everywhere Flip-Top Table, Dan Grabowski. The brand's focus and mission is to produce furniture of high quality that is environmentally sustainable for all spaces from the office to the home.



Dimensions & Measurements

  • Width: 48"
  • Height: 28.5"
  • Diameter: 24"