Setu Stool
by Herman Miller

$811.00 + Free Shipping

Setu Stool

by Herman Miller
SKU# 397
Herman Miller Authorized Retailer
$811.00 + Free Shipping
The Setu Stool offers an elevated perspective on comfort and simplicity. An innovative Kinematic Spine bends and flexes as you move, whether you
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    Product Overview

    Setu Stool

    Finding a good multi-purpose stool for counters and standing height tables isn’t easy. You need a seat that hits all the right notes, from support to flexibility to height. Plus, you want something that will look stylish in any setting. Well, call off the search. The Setu Stool is just what you're looking for! This chair has the ideal blend of style and comfort with various features including:

    • An innovative Kinematic Spine for bending.
    • A height that keeps people who are sitting and standing at eye level.
    • Build that adjusts to anyone's body.


    An Official Herman Miller Retailer

    Office Designs was one of the first companies to sell Herman Miller products and is now the brand's largest retailer. All of our products, including the Setu Stool, come directly from the Herman Miller factory, which means they've been made to fit the brand's high standards.


    Warranty Information

    The Setu Stool comes with an official 12-year, three-shift manufacturer's warranty.

    For more information, read Herman Miller's full warranty (PDF).


    Setu Stool Features

    The Setu Stool has many amazing features, including:

    Universal Adjustment

    The Setu Stool office chair is designed to react with how you move. It's Kinematic Spine combines strength and flexibility to work with your body.The plastic used in the Setu Stool is a type of polypropylene found in plenty of household items, from toothbrushes to garbage bins. This material is strong, lightweight and durable so this product will last. Most importantly, however, it's flexible so you can recline easily.

    Unlimited Air Circulation

    The Setu Stool seat is made with Lyris 2 elastomeric suspension fabric that conforms to your body while circulating air so you'll stay cool no matter how long you sit. With this fabric, taking a seat feels like floating. This chair's cushion is also designed with a double-interlocking weave construction to add strength and durability for a nice, firm seat.

    Built to Encourage Health

    Sitting for a long period of time can take a toll on your body. That's why the Setu Stool was made with features that encourage posture change. This chair comes with casters, so you're free to move around the room or hold still and stable. Plus, the seat is elevated so you can remain eye-to-eye with anyone standing, which puts less of a strain on your eyes, neck and shoulders.


    About Herman Miller

    Herman Miller is one of the leading and most respected furniture designers in the world. Ever since the brand was founded in 1923, it has partnered with some of the most renowned designers. The brand continuously strives to produce high-quality products that will fit in any room, whether it's an office or home. Herman Miller's mission is to create furniture that improves the quality of human life with products that help make a healthy, sustainable, environment.



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Height: 43.4" to 51.2"
    • Seat Height: 26.4" to 34.3"
    • Width: 25.1"
    • Depth: 17.2"