Spun Chair
by Magis

$895.00 + Free Shipping

Spun Chair

by Magis
SKU# 421
$895.00 + Free Shipping

Upright, the fascinating Spun Chair looks more like a sculptural vessel than a seat. But when it leans on its side, it forms a comfortable, functional chair that lets you rock side-to-side or spin around. Perfect for poolside or patio, family room or kids.

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    Product Overview

    Spun Chair

    London Designer Thomas Heatherwick designed a revolutionary chair that was fun and practical. Now through his partnership with Herman Miller, the Magis Spun Chair is realized for the mass market. Standing upright, it looks like something you would see in an amusement park. Once you sit down, however, gravity takes over and provides a seat.

    The Spun Chair is designed to spin easily for a chair that is:

    • Comfortable
    • Unusual
    • Whimsical

    Warranty Information

    The Spun Chair comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty

    Spun Chair Features


    Made out of durable and comfortable plastic, the Spun Chair’s unique design is realized using a molding technique that creates a smooth and contoured finish and a comfortable seat. The Spun Chair is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It looks at home in an office or next to the pool. The Spun Chair is available in four colors: purple, grey, red, and white.


    The Spun Chair was designed to spin easily on its axis, giving it a touch of whimsy while still maintaining its shape and comfort. Even when it’s not being sat on it’s a statement piece and a conversation starter.



    Dimensions & Specifications

    • Overall Height: 26"
    • Seat Height: 17"
    • Width: 36"