Amia Office Stool
by Steelcase

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Amia Office Stool

by Steelcase
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$ $716.00 + Free Shipping

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    Product Overview

    Amia Office Stool

    Enhance your home office environment from day one with the modern look of the intuitively ergonomic Steelcase® Amia® Work Stool. The strong clear lines and minimalist styling are a result of its ergonomic engineering being hidden from view, like the LiveLumbar technology discreetly designed into the back that can be moved up and down for extra support where you need it most. The Amia Work Stool also has 4-way adjustable armrests so you always have the appropriate and supportive arm support when working, no matter what position you're in. Everything is adjustable instinctively from a seated position.

    A few of its innovative features include:

    • Back tension adjustment knob
    • Height-adjustable LiveLumbar support
    • Seat Slider
    • 4-way adjustable arms

    "Everything you need, and nothing you don't" - the Amia is a chair for every day that's not your everyday chair.


    An Official Steelcase Retailer

    We're an authorized Steelcase retailer. This means we're official. We sell new factory-direct Amia Work Stool complete with Steelcase's own warranty. You can purchase confidently from Office Designs knowing you'll be receiving genuine Steelcase product.


    12-year Warranty

    Our Leap chairs come with a 12-year Steelcase warranty.

    This warranty is a promise that Leap lives up to the highest standards in the industry. If for some reason the chair fails to live up to this standard, Steelcase will ship and repair it at no cost to you.

    To learn more read the Steelcase Global Warranty (PDF).


    Steelcase® Amia® Work Stool Features

    The smart and stylish Amia® Work Stool from Steelcase keeps its hardworking ergonomics out of sight inside the backrest to maintain its minimalist, modern look. The LiveLumar™ system contours to fit your spine, while the flexible seat edge relieves pressure on your legs. In short, the Amia® offers you everything you need in an office work stool, and nothing you don't.

    Available in a wide range of colors, fabric and leather upholstery options.


    LiveLumbar™ System
    The back's unique shape and hidden flexors contour to fit your spine, providing continuous support for your lumbar region specific to your body and movements.

    Adjustable lumbar support
    The lumbar support system can be moved up or down to provide quick, custom comfort.

    Flexible seat edge
    Amia's flexible seat edge prevents pressure being applied to the back of your legs without compromising support.

    Adjustable seat depth
    The depth of chair seat can be adjusted to fit more body types well, especially shorter people.

    Adjustable back tension
    This control allows the sitter to determine how much force to use to recline.

    Highly adjustable arms
    The arms can be moved in and out, forward and back, up and down and pivot for optimal support and comfort.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    The Amia® work stool comes with Limited 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Environmental Benefits

    Over 97% by weight of the chair is recyclable. Gold Cradle to Cradle certification for indoor air quality.

    Steelcase® History

    “Design isn't just about style. It's about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent.”
    — Glen Oliver Low, designer of the Think chair

    At the turn of the 20th century, steel construction was making building exteriors less flammable, but office interiors were still crowded with wooden furniture, and still heated and lighted by open flame appliances. Smoking presented another fire hazard because ashes were often dumped in wicker wastepaper baskets. Beginning in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Metal Office Furniture Company (renamed Steelcase in 1954) had just 15 employees and a single product — a fireproof, metal wastepaper basket named the Victor!

    Co-founder Peter M. Wege, a designer who had received several patents for sheet metal structures, was well aware of the fireproof benefits of metal office products. Wege and Chris Stone designed a metal office desk which won a bid for a federal contract, and thus the company began manufacturing office desks.

    During the 1930s, Metal Office collaborated with world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright to produce furniture for the S.C. Johnson & Sons in Racine building, which Life magazine called “the most inspirational office building of the 20th century.”

    During World War II, the company designed steel shipboard furniture for the U.S. Navy. A piece of Steelcase naval furniture was used for the historic signing of the surrender documents ending World War II.

    Beginning in 1975, Steelcase launched a series of advanced office chairs, including the Sensor chair that adapted to the body's movements; the Leap® chair (1999), which addressed the correlation between back pain and worker productivity; and the Think™ chair (2004), an intuitive, mid-priced and environmentally sustainable product. Still newer ergonomic task chairs include Amia® and Cobi®, both offering the comfort and support of higher-priced chairs. Today, Steelcase, Inc. supplies thousands of products worldwide, including metal and wood office furniture, systems furniture, seating, computer support furniture, desks, tables, credenzas, filing cabinets, and office lighting.


    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall depth: 21.75" to 24.75"
    • Overall width: 26.625"
    • Overall height: 44.25" to 52.5"
    • Seat height: 23"-31"
    • Seat depth: 15.5" to 18.5"
    • Back height from seat: 25"
    • Arm height from seat: 7" to 11"