Renew Veneer Standing Desk
by Herman Miller

$ $1,880.00

Renew Veneer Standing Desk

by Herman Miller
SKU# 372
Herman Miller Authorized Retailer
$ $1,880.00

Designed by Brian Alexander


Take health-positive movement to a new level. Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables take healthful movement to a new level. Renew’s height adjustment system uses less energy than a cell phone charger left plugged into the wall. Good for the mind, the body, and the way people work.


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48 inch width x 24 inch Depth
30 inch width x 60 inch Depth

Veneer top with veneer edge available colors:
Clear on Ash
Light Brown Walnut
White Ash

White Legs with Polished Aluminum Feet
Graphite Satin Leg with Polished Aluminum Feet

Standard Power
The power cord runs outside of the table leg.

Hidden Power
Power can be passed through the leg and routed to the work surface for a clean, streamlined aesthetic.


Simple Cover
The simple cover conceals the power cable that runs to the table's electronic motor

Integrated Cord Management
This seamless cable management design routes the cords from all of your desktop tools into a cable through below the table, keeping them neatly out of sight even when the table is raised.

Product Overview

Renew Veneer Standing Desk

Comfortable Range: A range of adjustments let you choose the perfect sitting or standing height, or share a space without compromising on comfort.

Leg Shape: This rectangular height-adjustable table has a C-leg configuration, which allows for more leg clearance and is ideal for those looking to put the table against a wall.

Thin-Edge Tabletop: Thin-Edge on the user side slopes back 1-7/8 inches under the front edge to give the surface a very light aesthetic. Accessory tools will not attach to the front, thin-edge portion of the surface. However, the sides and back of the surface will have a squared-edge to allow desk accessories to clamp to the surface.

Surface Material: 

  • Veneer work surfaces are 1-1/4 inch thick, 45 pound density particle board core with a natural veneer top face, gator-ply paper backer bottom face for balanced construction, and color-matched natural veneer side edges.

Intuitive Movement: A simple switch works exactly as you’d expect it to, moving up to raise the table and down to lower it. The soft, paddle-shaped switch lights up to provide instant feedback when in use.

Power Access: 

  • No Power Access: The power cord runs behind the backside of the desk.
  • Power Leg Access: Power leg access conceals cord option making it the only sit-to-stand table to offer a clean, sophisticated aesthetic from every angle.
  • Grommet Power Access: Beautifully functional, the optional Logic Grommet gives people easy access to cables and power - even when the unit is closed.

Cord Management: 

  • Simple Cover: The Simple Cover attaches to the support rails to hide the control box and wiring to the motors. This cover was not designed to house any additional cords.
  • High Density Trough / Integrated Cord Management: This hinged trough is large enough to house multiple cords and power bricks (not included). This seamless cable management design routes the cords from all of your desktop tools into a cable trough below the table, keeping them neatly out of sight even when the table is raised.

Gentle on Your Knees: Softly angled corners underneath prevent bumps and bruises, and slim-profile legs and feet give you more room to move.

Cohesive Design: Renew integrates easily with your other furniture. Use it in private offices, open offices, collaborative spaces, conference rooms, or integrated with system furniture to create a dynamic, supportive place to work.

Glides:  Table has glides with a 1/2 inch leveling range.



24" x 48" 30" x 60"
Height 27-46" 27-46"
Width 48" 60"
Depth 24" 30"

Packaging Dimensions:

Legs: 32" x 14.25" x 10.75"
Trough: 36" x 13" x 2"
Top: 51" x 27" x 4

Package Weight:
128 lbs.

Product Options

    Product Brochure

    Renew Sit-to-Stand Table Product Brochure


    • 48 inch width x 24 inch depth
    • 60 inch width x 30 inch depth
    • 72 inch width x 30 inch depth - Custom

    Tabletop Material

    • Veneer
    • Laminate - Custom
    • Formcoat - Custom

    Veneer Top Options

      Surface / Edge Finish:
    • Light Brown
    • White Ash
    • Clear on Ash
    • Walnut
    • Leg / Foot Finish:
    • White Legs / Polished Aluminum Foot
    • Graphite Satin Legs / Polished Aluminum Foot

    Laminate Top Options - Custom

      Surface / Edge Finish:
    • White
    • Leg / Foot Finish:
    • White Legs

    Formcoat Top Options - Custom

      Surface / Edge Finish:
    • White - Custom
    • Leg / Foot Finish:
    • Metallic Silver Legs - Custom

    Cable Management

    • Simple Cable Cover
    • High Density Trough - Custom for 60 x 30 only

    Hidden Power

    • No Hidden Power
    • Hidden Power with Leg Access

    Extra Power Cutouts

    • No Cutout for Power
    • Center Cutout for 6 Port Power - Custom
    • Center Cutout for 5 Port Power - Custom
    • Left Cutout for 6 Port Power - Custom
    • Left Cutout for 5 Port Power - Custom
    • Right Cutout for 6 Port Power - Custom
    • Right Cutout for 5 Port Power - Custom

Design Story


    When we set out to design a new height-adjustable table, there were already several options on the market. But the world’s best sit-to-stand table? That had yet to be invented. So we partnered with designer Brian Alexander to completely rethink the solution, giving every inch of it the attention it deserved.

    Alexander began with his favorite source of insights: observing humans at work. While watching people interact with other height-adjustable tables, he noticed that they often changed positions when they changed tasks. “When people are focused in, they tend to sit for longer periods,” he said. “When they stand up, it signals a shift in attitude, like a second wind. The various postures and frequencies are a direct reflection of the work they’re doing and what’s right for them.”

    He realized that to harmonize with this natural behavior, a height-adjustable table should flow up and down effortlessly. “When you’re paying people to do things cognitively, you don’t want something like a switch to interfere with their thought processes,” he said. That insight led to the paddle-shaped switch he designed for Renew, which moves up and down so intuitively that people can use it without thinking about it.

    Another challenge was eliminating the visual chaos created by power and data cords. Alexander’s solution was to route cables invisibly through Renew’s leg and into a trough beneath the table. Modeled after a spice rack, the trough uses a shallow space and tabbed organizers to display all of the cables at once, letting people find the one they need at a glance when it’s time to unplug or update technology.

    Most other tables use vertical steel blades for structure under the work surface, Alexander said, “Those can be wicked to find with your kneecaps.” Instead, he positioned Renew’s legs farther out, adding valuable swing room for your legs. He also softened every angle under the table into a smooth, planar surface that lets knees glance off harmlessly.

    Designing the world’s best sit-to-stand table meant reconsidering every surface—including the bottom. “When you have a person standing next to a person sitting, the underside of the table is at eye level,” he explained. “Making it as visually tidy as the rest makes sense. It speaks to a level of fit and finish that the product deserves.”


    Brian Alexander

    Brian Alexander describes himself as an observationalist. “I spend a lot of time getting to know the behaviors of everything,” he says. Alexander is so fascinated by people’s behavior that he’s been compiling an owner’s manual for humans since the late 1980s. “It began by watching a traffic jam in a food service line,” he says. “I was intrigued with the way people negotiated and mimicked the person in front without even knowing it.” He adds to the manual frequently—and draws upon it for every project he does.

    One example is the intuitive height adjustment switch on the Renew sit-to-stand table. After noting how people interact with other switches, he designed a new control that encompasses both our basic intuitions about direction and our bodies’ need to change positions throughout the day. “It’s like shaking hands with a flower petal,” he says. “I try to slip people little affirmations through my designs, things they can identify or connect with on a very basic level. You can see it in their faces, the reactions they have when something flows with them rather than against them.”

    To Alexander, getting a design right is more about perfecting human interaction than aesthetics. “If something is done right, it’s complete with the minimum amount of bits, but at the same time, it leaves itself open to growth—like a plant.

    While Alexander often works on physical projects, he also specializes in identifying discord in existing processes and suggesting new ways to bring them into harmony. “Most of the time, there’s some subtlety in our deeper wiring that reframes the whole problem,” he says. “If you get that square up front, you can aspire to something more specific.”


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