Bivi Table
by Steelcase

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Bivi Table

by Steelcase
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$1,066.00 + Free Shipping
Bivi Table For One’s modular design offers effortless setup and quick reconfiguration, making it a no-brainer for flexibility and modern design.

Bivi For Two’s modular design assembles in minutes with one easy-to-use tool. Whether adding to your team or just rearranging your space, Bivi makes it easy.

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    Product Overview

    Bivi Table

    Searching for an open collaborative or multi-person work table to furnish your office? Look no further than the Bivi Table by Turnstone. It’s modern design offers plenty of room for your endless stacks of paperwork and its effortless setup and quick reconfiguration are perfect for any open office setting. Additionally, Bivi’s modular design encourages collaboration, making it easy for the team to simultaneously work together. The Bivi Table key features, include:

    • Extensive configurations.
    • Optional channels for cables and cords.
    • Back pockets for extra storage.
    • Distinctive style.

    Should you need help configuring and ordering your Bivi Table, please give us a call and our product specialists can assist you.


    A Turnstone Retailer

    Office Designs is a proud retailer of Turnstone, a Steelcase brand. All of our products are directly shipped straight from the manufacturer, so everything is made to fit the brand's high-quality standards.


    Warranty Information

    Steelcase creates quality office equipment made to last. Steelcase has a 12-year warranty that covers pneumatic cylinders, foam, arm caps and more. For a full description of Steelcase's commitment, read the Steelcase Warranty for Global Products (PDF).


    Bivi Configurations

    Bivi Table Features

    The Bivi Table has many features, including:

    Table Top Area

    The roomy table top area provides plenty of work surface space for both immediate and anticipated projects. If you have a stack of files that you eventually plan to go through, you have enough space to push them aside and comfortably be able to focus on the work sitting in front of you.

    The Bivi Table for Two offers a multi-person setting, which is great for collaboration and mentorship.

    Back Pocket

    The Bivi Table comes with a handy back pocket for extra storage. This can be used for either work or personal use.

    Channel for cable and cords

    Instead of having to search for an open outlet, the Bivi Table has an integrated power and data trough for easy access.


    About Turnstone

    Turnstone is a Steelcase brand with a mission to make furniture that accelerates business results. Through Turnstone and Steelcase research, the brand provides products that work as health solutions and creates an ideal aesthetic for modern offices. The brand has always been fully committed to its people, working hard to provide customers with office furniture that caters to both collaborative and configurable products.



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Bivi For One:
    • Overall Width: 50"
    • Overall Height: 28.5"
    • Depth: 42.5"
    • Bivi For Two:
    • Overall Width: 50"
    • Overall Height: 28.5"
    • Depth: 60"
    • Table Top Dimensions:
    • Overall Length: 30"
    • Overall Width: 60"