Sure Cushion Heavy Duty Mat
by The Andersen Company

$38.99 + Free Shipping

Sure Cushion Heavy Duty Mat

by The Andersen Company
SKU# 434
$38.99 + Free Shipping
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    Product Overview

    Sure Cushion Heavy Duty Mat

    The Grease Hog™ Mat’s is the perfect Wiper / Scraper that has a grease proof nitrile rubber backing, and fabric that will not fade in color or rot. Other qualities such as a low profile reinforced border allows chairs to cross easily, and the stylish disk pattern on the back keeps it stationary on hard-floor surfaces.

    Features & Benefits

    • 1/4" Thick
    • Easy to Clean and Dry
    • Low Profile Reinforced Borders Allow Carts and Chairs to Cross Easily
    • Permanently Molded Bi-Level Pattern on the Carpet Surface Provides an Anti-Slip Surface
    • Grease Proof Nitrile Rubber Backing
    • Solution-Dyed Polypropylene Fabric will not Fade or Rot
    • Made in the USA
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Sizes are Approximate

    About The Andersen Company

    Founded in 1974, The Andersen Company has grown to become the leader in the development and production of solution-based high performance matting. With beginnings in the Janitorial/Sanitary supply markets, The Andersen Company have since grown and expanded into numerous other markets including Safety/Industrial, Food Service, Floor Covering and Commercial Catalog Markets.

    In 1999, The Andersen Company became part of Mountville Mills former what is now the largest commercial mat manufacturing company in the world, operating two rubber compounding plants and three mat manufacturing plants in Georgia.

    Taking a commitment to better preserve the environment, The Andersen Company has also continually improved their environmental performance with such actions as reducing waste going to landfills by 80% and recycling most paper, metal, cardboard, plastic, carpet and rubber wastes generated. Over 50 styles of mats contain recycled raw materials.