Lively Task Chair
by Haworth

$319.00 + Free Shipping

Lively Task Chair

by Haworth
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$319.00 + Free Shipping
Lively possesses the perfect blend of comfort-enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design. It's affordable without compromise, and it thrives in the thick of the action.
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    Product Overview

    Lively Task Chair

    From the same brand that designed the groundbreaking ergonomic features of the Zody and Very Chairs, the Haworth Lively Task Chair is a breath of fresh air. Lively is meant to live in a fun and energetic environment. With all the ergonomic support and comfort you can expect from Haworth, as well as a lightweight and sleek design, Lively is flexibility and versatility made stylish. Designed to be both easy to use and extremely affordable, Lively is the perfect fit for any home or workplace, from a trendy startup to an established enterprise. The chair's many features include:

    • Standard-equipped tension back.
    • Height-adjustable lumbar.
    • Fully customizable back colors and upholstery.

    Choose from a variety of colors and materials to create your perfectly designed - and indisputably "lively" - chair.


    An Official Haworth Retailer

    Office Designs is proud to be an official Haworth retailer. All of our Haworth chairs, including the Lively Task Chair, come directly from the manufacturer, which means you can count on it to live up to Haworth's high-quality standards. All products include a Haworth warranty.


    Haworth's Warranty

    Office Designs' Haworth products, including the Lively Task Chair, come with the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. This promise allows customers to rest assured knowing they're receiving a high-quality product. Your Lively Chair should reflect Haworth's high standards, but if there is an issue with the product, the manufacturer will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

    For more information, read the full Haworth Warranty.


    Lively Task Chair Features

    With all the painstakingly researched ergonomic features of Haworth's Zody and Very chairs at an affordable price, the Lively Task Chair is the best of all worlds. From finely tuned lumbar support to a frame that distributes weight comfortably throughout the longest of workdays, Lively is engineered for rest and relaxation. The chair finds the perfect balance between stylish and practical.

    Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support

    Lively's height-adjustable lumbar support allows the user to customize his or her comfort. Everyone's spine is unique, and the Lively Chair's lumbar system supports bodies of any shape or size.

    Weight-Assisted Tilt Tension

    When you recline, Lively offers a weight-assisted tilt tension that allows you to relax in your seat without giving up the support you need. Adjust the tension to create your own ideal workspace.

    Customizable Colors and Fabrics

    Lively comes in nine colors and a multitude of different materials, which makes it the perfect chair for customizing your office space. Choose a neutral color that fits in, or opt for something brighter to stand out.

    Forward Tilt (Optional)

    The optional forward tilt allows sitters to lean forward 5 degrees without sacrificing ergonomic support - when people sit on the edge of their seats to adjust their hip angle, it can leave the back unsupported. The forward tilt ensures total comfort at all times.

    Seat-Depth Adjustment (Optional)

    The Lively Chair offers an optional seat-depth adjustment feature, designed to keep the pressure off of your legs and knees while allowing for complete circulation. Choose the perfect depth to allow your legs both breathability and support.


    About the Designer

    The Lively Office suite was designed by the Haworth Design Studio in collaboration with Steve Nemeth. Designers used Haworth's groundbreaking research in ergonomics to create a chair that's as comfortable and supportive as it is sleek and stylish for any home or workplace.


    About Haworth

    A school teacher named Gerrard Wendell asked his parents for a loan of $10,000 in 1948. With that money, he opened a woodworking business right out of his family's own garage - he called that business Modern Products. In 1954, Wendell was surprised by an offer from the United Auto Workers in Detroit. The company wanted to hire him to build an innovative office partition system in its headquarters. After completing his work for the United Auto Workers, Wendell decided to expand his company, which he now called Modern Partitions, into designing wall partitions and moveable walls.

    Over 20 years later, Wendell changed gears again. The company's founder gave his blessing to Dick Haworth, who took over the management of the business, and, thus, Haworth, Inc. was born. Since then, the renowned brand has been creating groundbreaking designs for office furniture and other innovative products.


    Video: How to Adjust Your Lively Chair



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall Height: 36" to 41"
    • Overall Width: 28"
    • Overall Depth: 24"
    • Seat Height: 16" to 21"
    • Seat Width: 19"
    • Seat Depth: 17" to 19"
    • Arm Height: 4"
    • Adjustable Lumbar Range: 4"
    • Forward Tilt Range: 5 degrees