Noguchi Table
by Herman Miller

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Noguchi Table

by Herman Miller
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$1,895.00 + Free Shipping

Beautifully simple, the Noguchi Table is constructed of just three pieces, resulting in a piece that is both elegant and functional. This work of art will add sophistication and style to your home or office.

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    Product Overview

    Noguchi Table

    Designed by Japanese-American designer Isamu Noguchi, the iconic Noguchi Table is both utilitarian and breathtakingly simple. Both a work of art and a functional piece of furniture, the Noguchi Table is a stunning addition to a home or office. Its features include:

    • Solid wood base options.
    • A delicate, simple design.

    With its graceful curves and beautifully modern aesthetic, the Noguchi Table is warm and inviting, which makes it perfect for furnishing any home or office.


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    Warranty Information

    When you buy the Noguchi Table, you'll receive an official five-year warranty from Herman Miller. 

    Noguchi Table Features

    An Iconic Minimal Design

    Noguchi once said, "Everything is sculpture," and the Noguchi Table reflects that idea perfectly. It's comprised of two interlocking base pieces and a transparent piece of glass that allows the impressive design to be completely visible no matter what angle you're viewing it from.

    Distinctive Base Color Options

    The table is made even more versatile with its different base options. Choose between walnut, white ash and natural cherry finishes for a table that seamlessly complements your preferred design style.


    About Herman Miller

    Herman Miller is a renowned furniture designer, specializing in high-performance office chairs, including the iconic Aeron Chair. The brand has partnered with some of the most respected designers of all time, including Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard and, of course, Isamu Noguchi. Herman Miller's dedication to elegant, modern style and its pioneering research in ergonomics have helped it rise to the top of the design industry.



    Dimensions & Measurements

    • Overall Height: 15.75"
    • Overall Width: 50"
    • Overall Depth: 36"


    Packaging Dimensions:

    55" x 40" x 7"

    Package Weight:
    165 lbs.

    Assembly Required:

    Design Story

      Design Story

      How to make a table
      “Everything is sculpture,” said Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. And he created sculptures out of anything he could get his hands on—stone, metal, wood, clay, bone, paper. Unwilling and unable to be pigeonholed, he created sculptures that could be as abstract as Henri Moore’s and as realistic as Leonardo’s. “To limit yourself to a particular style may make you an expert of that particular viewpoint or school, but I do not wish to belong to any school,”he said. “I am always learning, always discovering.”

      Legends about a legend
      The story behind the Noguchi table is a fascinating one, and Noguchi tells it in his autobiography. “I went to Hawaii in 1939 to do an advertisement (with Georgia O’Keefe). As a result of this, I had met (T.H.) Robsjohn-Gibbings, the furniture designer, who had asked me to do a coffee table for him. I designed a small model in plastic and heard no further before I went west.”

      By “went west” Noguchi meant his internment, as a Japanese-American, in an Arizona concentration camp during World War II. During his time there, Noguchi said he was surprised to see a variation of the small model table he had done for Robsjohn-Gibbings published as an advertisement for the English designer. “When, on my return, I remonstrated, he said anybody could make a three-legged table,” said Noguchi. “In revenge, I made my own variant of my own table.”

      “Anybody can make a three-legged table.”
      The “variant” that Noguchi designed was used to illustrate an article, written by Herman Miller designer George Nelson, called “How to Make a Table.” The table in the illustration became his famous “coffee table.”

    Care & Maintenance

      Care & Maintenance

      With regular care and maintenance, your Herman Miller product will provide many years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here.

      The instructions for the care and maintenance of Herman Miller products are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary.

      For normal cleaning, use products specifically designed for glass.

      Wood & Veneer
      This includes Herman Miller products finished with wood veneer or recut wood veneer, except the oiled Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman with Rosewood, Oiled Walnut, or Oiled Santos Palisander veneer unless specifically noted.

      Normal Cleaning
      Dust regularly with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth in the directionof the wood grain.Spills should be immediately wiped up with a damp cloth.

      Once a month
      Clean the surface with a soft cloth dampened with a quality cleaner formulated for wood furniture. Wipe the surface in the direction of the wood grain to remove dirt and fingerprints. Wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.

      Twice a year
      Apply a good quality furniture polish with a soft cloth. Do not use aerosol-powered cleaners or polishes. Also, do not use polishes containing waxes or abrasives, or polishes that are oil based.

      Herman Miller veneers meet strict testing standards for resistance to wear, light, stains, water, and pressure. To reduce the risk of damage, take some precautions: Use coasters for glasses and mugs. If a glass top is added to the veneer surface, be sure it rests on felt pads. Don’t place a potted plant on a veneer surface unless it’s in a water-tight container or in a drip tray.Don’t let vinyl binders stay on a surface for very long. Use protective pads under equipment with “rubber” cushioning feet. Some chemical compounds used in the feet on office equipment, such as printers and monitor stands, may leave permanent stains or marks.

      Minor repair of water rings, stains, and scratches
      Rub the surface lightly in the direction of the wood grain using No. 000 steel wool. Apply a scratch-removing polish with a color and value that simulate the veneer. If the scratches are deep, consult a professional furniture refinisher.

      Other Damage
      Wood is susceptible to bruising and scratching from heavy office equipment, so we encourage a protective surface is placed underneath. Objects should be lifted instead of dragged across a surface. Protective pads should be used under items with a rough bottom, like pottery. Denting, caused by extreme pen pressure when writing, can also damage veneer. Use desk pads or some other protection where a lot of paperwork is done. Sunlight can damage veneer as well, so veneer surfaces should not be in direct sunlight. To help a surface age evenly, users can periodically move items on their desks so that the entire surface is exposed to an even amount of light over time. In addition to light, extremely high or low humidity is a damaging environmental factor. Herman Miller suggests maintaining a relative humidity of 35-65 percent.